An interview with your boy Y to the N Yuntan
An insightful look on Yoni and his BCD clock. By: Asaf Sagi 2005-12-08

Yoni Rozenshein, a programmer of 19 and a half, has only recently received his birthday gift - a binary "BCD Clock", it is called. What makes it special? That your mom can't read it. It makes a perfect gift for geeks, especially Yoni. We went out to seek his opinion.

So Yoni, how did it all begin?
I was coming home from armia, when I suddenly saw the BCD clock glowing at my direction.

You mean, it just laid there?
Well, it wasn't LAID. But yes, Asaf came by to my house, planted it in perfect position, set the clock and left in the nick of time.

I see. And did you expect its arrival?
Yes, and nos. In the beginning, Asaf and some other people were supposed to buy the clock for me. But it was not possible at the time due to shipment problems in ThinkGeek and Amazon. What I didn't know, was that they ordered it anyhow to an American address and the intermediary sent it to Israel. By the time it was shipping to Israel, I already knew of the kombina. However, the clock was not mentioned for so long, that I forgot about it, and thought it was lost in the mail somehow.

So you were in fact, suprised.
Yes, yes, I was.

What was your first reaction to the clock?
"Sacre Blue!"

That's very witty. Very, very witty. But seriously?
Well, I awed a lot.

How much?

Nerd. Did you make any special noises to accompany your awe?
No, it was silent. A silent awe.

So what are you planning on doing with the clock? Are you going to keep it at home or take it to armia?
Yes, keep it at home or take it to armia.

Thank you, Yoni, for this wonderful and insightful interview.
Thank you for having me.

And from all of us here, at, good night.
Good night.

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