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Ever sat with a fellow manly man, and thought "dang, this guy is awesome. I would sure like to make him feel good"?

This page is just for you! We, the nice fellows from have gathered some awesome manly gestures you can use with your pals. What better way is there to show another man your love to him (well...) other than (well...) making him a gesture he will appreciate so immediately? Make him feel great (well...)

Let's begin. There are 5 best ways to oblige a fellow man.

1. "Let me buy you a beer"
Probably the best you can do to another guy. Just buy him a beer.
Other than that, the sentence sounds so woody, another man can't resist you buying him a beer, even if he is very drunk or in a big hurry.
Listen: "Let me Buy you a Beer."
As you can see, the sound of the sentence is inviting enough, just as the drinking is. Your pal will appreciate the gesture, and will surely join you for a round. NEXT!

2. "Let me pour you a drink"
If you don't invite your man-friend for a beer, you could always take the position of pouring his own drink.
Good examples are a coke, a Cold One, or a glass of wine.

3. "Allow me to light your cigar"
After all the drinking is over, what better way it is to relax and sober up if not with a nice brown cigar? That's right. None.
Once your pal takes out a cigar from his pocket or jacket, be quick to propose "allow me to light your cigar!"
He will be delighted if you leaned over and gave a quick fire to his cigar. He doesn't even have to make an effort. That is among the popular manly gestures around. Remember to carry a lighter whenever on an important meeting, or casual gathering.

4. "Let me shine your shoes"
This is scarcely used, due to the inaccessibility to actually do it, but when it is possible and when you have the proper tools, offer this service to the man with you. This will surely make him happy. It is considered to be one of the best gestures a man can do to another man, since it involves hard work and devotion. If you do not feel closeness to the man with you, spare the offer, as it will sound odd and maybe even reluctant from your own side. It is like George Carlin noted on "blowing one's nose": "[If he'd want to blow my nose] He'd have to be a really good friend!"

5. "I insist!"
This is probably the strongest gesture there is. Always try to gesture the one you are being gestured by. That shows your gratitude, and acceptance of a gesture while giving a bigger one yourself. Of course, this may induce an endless loop of insistance, but nevertheless, it is a nice thing to do indeed. It is possible to not say this when you are gestured by a man, but by no means do not forget to thank him for his gesture.

There are more manly gestures you can do, which aren't as strong as the top 5, but nevertheless very nice.

6. "Let me take your coat"
When you greet a friend at your humble home, always request his coat to hang. It is also one of the nicest things to do to a fellow male. On his way out, he can take it himself and then even more recognize the gesture you did to him.

7. "Take my shotgun!"
By this we do not mean a real shotgun rifle. You will end up regretting that one. By that we mean a "shotgun" seat in a car. Imagine this, you are with two friends and you were the lucky (or strategic master) to call shotgun first, or obtain shotgun rights in another way. The other man is bummed for the rest of the evening. No more! Just offer him your shotgun and his spirit will highten to new levels.

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