Rules of beverage-pouring

Meet Milton:
Photo of Milton

Milton is doing alright in life.
He's smart, handsome, makes good cash and spends time with friends.
But, it is in these get-togethers that he has a serious problem: Milton does not know how to properly distribute drinks.
Supposedly, it looks like a minor problem, but it is a great distress.

If you answered yes or no, on at least zero of these questions - you are like Milton. And you need help.

Photo of Milton
"How do you end up like this?"

Good question, Milton. You probably sat close to the bottle.
There is nothing to be ashamed of pouring drinks – it is in fact well-respected. It counts as a very nice gesture. For more information about gestures, click here.
The first thing you do, is stand up on your feet, smile and start pouring.

Photo of Milton
"But now I'm stuck pouring drinks to the entire table!"

That is not necessarily true, Milton. This is why we're here.
In order to not repeat Milton's mistakes, pour the drink to the three adjacent people to you. Afterwards, hand the bottle to someone else. This is an important rule!
If you are not certain you will be poured a drink after the hand-over, you should pour your own drink and then hand the bottle over.

Warning: When you pour other pepole drinks, and you end up with none left for yourself, this is called the 'Milton Effect'. Avoid this situation!

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"Last night I had 5 friends over for Poker. Should I have disregarded the other 2?"

No, Milton.
If you are with a small group of people, you may pour everybody's drinks - but do not forget to pour yourself one as well. In this case, pour 2 adjacent people's drinks, then your own glass, and then continue pouring the rest of the people. If you are the host - it is important you pour everyone's drinks.

Tip: If you really want to impress the pouree, raise their glass while pouring!

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"I have invited 10 guests to my birthday party. Do I pour all their drinks too?"

Wrong again, Milton my boy.
Here it is also appropriate to pour the guests near you, yourselves and then pass the bottle on. People would understand the reason of the hand-over, it is acceptable. Besides, you're giving other people the opportunity to pour drinks to others - it is courteous!

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"Thanks, Chupa660! Now I know what to do!"

Glad to help, Milton.

Here are the important rules to go by with: