The place, the tradition and the foolery

The place
The PATAT is a french fries (chips) bar located in south Tel Aviv. In Patat you can get 3 different kinds of french fries, and 12 different sauces. It's G-E-W-D gewd! Be surprised, it may satisfy most hungry stomachs.
This is Ido, the counter and the counterperson.

This is the counterperson in a solo photo.

The menu. Can I get you anything?

Top view of the PATAT. Here you can see the counter, some content visitors and the chairs.

The tradition
Every year, during the 2nd candle lighting of the Menorah in Hanukkah, we go to the PATAT to light a candle, and feast upon some fried potatoes. In 2004 we played chess while eating, and this year we only had backgammon tokens, so we played that. What's going to be next year?

Thing is, this eyear we were late. While they lit a candle, we were only on our way. These are us (except me, I'm taking the photo. From left to right): Eyal Barel, Yoni Rozenshein, Gilad Artzi

So then we got there, and these are us feasting upon the potatoes. From left to right: Gilad Artzi, Eyal Barel, Yoni Rozenshein, and me - Asaf Sagi

We proposed a toast for the new year, and for the sake of cases.

The foolery
This year, in contrast to last year, there were actual people in the PATAT. Amongst them was an amateur photographer who was just putting up his work on the walls of the PATAT. His name was Yoni. We called him Fake Yuntan, to distinguish him from our very own Y to the N Yuntan

Eyal bet Yoni he (Yoni) couldn't eat a whole raw onion. But Yoni loves onion, and so they put high stakes on it. If Yoni shall succeed in eating a raw onion, Eyal grants him a whole pie of pizza. Eyal gets the leftovers.
Due to the 6th of January, 2006, they bet has not yet taken place.

Eyal is playing chess with Yoni, using bottles, glasses, and Tabasco. Fascinating.

Just before leaving the premises, the guys wanted a last photo. Yoni is a faggot head.

In conclusion, all of us had a splendid time and we hope to return to the PATAT before the 3rd year of tradition. I'm sorry, it's not a tradition, it's a coincidence =)

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